War Crimes Body Accuses Nazi 'Ivan the Terrible'

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The file on Demjanjuk, who was nicknamed "Ivan the Terrible," was compiled by the German national office for solving Nazi crimes.

The head of the office, Kurt Schrimm, said he hopes the prosecutors in Munich will seek extradition of 88-year-old Demjanjuk from the United States, where he immigrated in the 1950s and worked in the car industry.

Ukrainian-born Demjanjuk is accused of having having participated in the murder in 1943 of at least 29,000 European Jews at the death camps in Sobibor and Treblinka, Poland, during World War II.

"We have managed to obtain hundred of documents and have also found a number of witnesses who spoke out against Demjanjuk," Schrimm told the Reuters news agency.

"For the first time we have even found lists of names of the people who Demjanjuk personally led into the gas chambers. We have no doubt that he is responsible for the death of over 29,000 Jews," Schrimm added.

US authorities extradited him to Israel in 1986 after his alleged role in the Holocaust became known in the 1970s.

He was accused of crimes committed at the Treblinka death camp, where survivors said he was given the nickname Ivan the Terrible for his alleged crimes.

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