Obama Weathering "Lies" Like Jefferson, JFK Says Biden

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Barack Obama may be on the receiving end of some vicious attacks, according to his running mate — but he's in select company.

Speaking to 1,500 at Eastern Carolina University, Biden compared the negative campaign against Obama to those waged against great presidents from Jefferson to JFK.

"Let me share a little bit of history with you," said the Delaware senator. "The defenders of the status quo, have always tried to tear down those who would change our nation for the better. They said Thomas Jefferson wasn't a real Christian. That was the essence of the campaign against him. Well does that sound familiar?"

"They said Abraham Lincoln, they said he wanted to take away individual rights. Ladies and gentlemen, they said Franklin Roosevelt would destroy the American system of life. Sound familiar?"

"Ladies and gentlemen, new ideas and new leaders are often met with new attacks and almost always negative attacks built on lies which are the last resort of those who have nothing new to offer. And that's where we find ourselves."

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