Historian Steven Hoch loses provost job but is rewarded with $245 K salary as prof!

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In August, Steven L. Hoch, a Russian historian, left the University of Kentucky to take a tenured position at $300 K as Provost at Washington State University. Six weeks later, he had a fight with the Vice President for Business and Finance. Fired as Provost, he's taken a leave of absence, but will return as a tenured professor of history at $245 K. That great sucking sound you hear is the disappearance of the department's next five open lines for assistant professors. Hat tip.

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Charles Lee Geshekter - 10/21/2008

Steven Hoch's outrageous temper tantrums and belligerent outbursts resemble the notorious antics of pro football players at hot spot night c;ubs in the wee small hours.

Heads should roll at Washington State for allowing such a loose cannon to ever come on board as Provost, but of course that'll never happen.

In my view, WSU better keep a close eye on this hair-trigger, thin-skinned bloke........putting him back in the classroom means that, in the fullness of time, his volatility will resurface and we will be hearing all about him once again.