Excavations for Bosnian Valley of Pyramids continue despite ridicule

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Not far from the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is the town of Visoko. Any resident, asked to cite the primary local attraction, will respond, "It's the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids."

Independent researcher Semir Osmanagic, who has no formal training, started digging three years ago. His work enjoys the backing of a full-fledged foundation called the Archaeological Park of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. Osmanagic labours on despite mockery from almost all journalists and scientists in BiH when he claims Mt. Visocica is actually an ancient pyramid, larger and much older than Cheops in Egypt....

However, the academic community in BiH ridicules his endeavours as the work of a charlatan. University of Sarajevo archaeologist Enver Imamovic likened Osmanagic's excavations to "letting me ... perform surgery". Scholars fear the ongoing excavations may damage mediaeval, Roman and Illyrian relics on the mountain.

Osmanagic's response was to organise the First International Scientific Conference on the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids, which ran from August 25th through 30th in Sarajevo. Among the participants were 19 leading Egyptian archaeologists, geologists and Egyptologists; two Russian academicians; and the British pyramid researcher, Phillip Coppen. The conferees resolved to meet again in two years and to establish a research institute in Sarajevo.

By enlisting such support, Osmanagic aims to gain international credibility, thereby silencing Bosnian sceptics.

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