Rare truffle location kept secret to stop diggers

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It is the first time the priceless fungus has been spotted in the UK since 1911.

The Tuber Macrosporum was discovered in a garden just outside Norwich during a routine tidy-up.

But it is so rare the details of who found it will never be revealed to stop truffle hunters digging up their neighbourhood.

Dr Anne Edwards, a microbiologist at the Norwich-based St John Innes Centre and a member of Wymondham Nature Group (WyNG) said: "Scientifically it's quite an important find. It has never been found in Norfolk before and not found in Britain since 1911.

"There were only four sightings prior to 1911."

The rare truffle has flourished on the huge amount of rain which has fallen in the UK this year. A record and samples have been submitted to the National Collection in Kew.

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