Palin pledges of Alaska sunshine marred by secrets

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Sarah Palin's promise for a new era of government openness as the reform governor of Alaska started to crack even before Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign built a wall of protectiveness around her.

Palin was elected nearly two years ago with splashy moves like publishing the state spending checkbook online. She kept a campaign pledge to allow the public to view online communications between state officials and potential bidders on a major gas pipeline, a contrast to her predecessor.

But her administration has claimed broad exceptions to Alaska's freedom of information rules to keep government e-mails secret, and it's shown reluctance to disclose documents about sensitive topics, ranging from polar bears to policy issues. And her state's online checkbook is limited in its detail.

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John Dollar - 10/7/2008

What does this blog post have to do with history? You certainly don't make a case for it's historical significance within the post itself. Perhaps I've missed something? More likely, the blog is being misused as a political tool to serve the OP's political ends. For God's sake, can we find shelter from such things ANYWHERE anymore?

Obviously, if we don't apply the lessons of history to current events then the study of history is mere entertainment. However, in this case, I can't discern a clear motive beyond the promotion of a particular political agenda. If that's your intent, state it clearly, and then your readers will know where you stand. If it's not your intent, then develop the proper amount of detachment, and limit political posts to those that have some historically significant context.