Chandra Manning will not come to Princeton

Historians in the News

Though rumors have been circulating on the internet recently that noted Civil War historian and Georgetown associate professor Chandra Manning may be joining the Princeton’s history department, Manning denied these rumors in an interview with The Daily Princetonian this week.

“I know that over the summer there was some internet speculation,” Manning said in an interview Monday, “but I’m actually very happy at Georgetown, and I’m planning on staying.”

Manning, who received her doctorate from Harvard in 2002, was dubbed a “rising star in the history of the Civil War” by The Boston Globe. In April 2007 her book “What This Cruel War Was Over: Soldiers, Slavery, and the Civil War” was met with rave reviews.

On Aug. 18, a blogger who calls himself Ambrose Hofstader Bierce III and aims to serve as a coagulator of the gossip of historians, posted a piece lamenting the University’s history department’s fall “onto troubled times.”

He attributed the fall to the departure or retirement of several prominent historians, including Pulitzer Prize-winning Civil War expert James McPherson in 2004.

Bierce left his readers with the hint that “There are other plans afoot at Princeton this very moment, including ongoing efforts to replace the venerable McPherson.”

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