20th century botanist John Heslop-Harrison 'faked rare plant discoveries'

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A botanist who claimed to have found dozens of rare plants faked his discoveries, according to new evidence.

Professor John Heslop-Harrison won acclaim after finding plant species on islands off the west coast of Scotland 60 years ago but there have long been doubts over the authenticity of his work.

Karl Sabbagh, author of a book about the botanist, has gained access to previous unseen archives which reveal that Heslop-Harrison's own colleagues harboured serious concerns about his claims.

Records held by the Natural History Museum suggest that the botanist gathered seeds during his travels and then planted them in the Hebrides.

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Randll Reese Besch - 10/3/2008

Or "the Christ" won't be welcomed here in the 'Christian Nation' of the USA. The hierarchy of the Protestants here do not like such information and expect them to cause a holy ruckus when they hear of it. [It will also be a boon to their economic arm in all of the programs and books they will produce to refute it!]