Russia's last czar is deemed victim of Soviet repression

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The Russian Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled in favor of full rehabilitation for the last czar, Nicholas II, and his family, officially recognizing the executed royals as victims of Soviet repression 90 years after their deaths.

The ruling brings Russia closer than ever to public reconciliation with the execution, one of the most significant events in a bloody revolutionary period that led to more than 70 years of Soviet rule.

Nicholas II and the monarchy were reviled in official Soviet history. But since the fall of the Soviet Union they have come to be seen as important, if not positive, elements of Russia's past.

Until Wednesday, the Russian government seemed hesitant on the question of rehabilitation because of the czar's own repressive and bloody rule.

The ruling "recognizes their unfounded repression and rehabilitates the members of the royal family," said a spokesman for the court, Pavel Odintsov, who added: "This is a final decision."

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Arnold Shcherban - 10/4/2008

It is ridiculous when any courts "rule" on the issues that belong to science of history.
What's left out there to rule on: mathematical and physical theories?