Hitler's desk set on which Munich pact was signed in 1938 put up for sale in online auction

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Ink from these bronze wells and the blotter that accompanies them sealed the fate of peoples and nations during the Second World War.

Now the U.S. soldier who liberated them from Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler’s study as a souvenir of his military experiences has put them up for sale.

Bidding began online on Tuesday – an ominous day in history and one in which the bronze desk set played a significant role.

British prime minister Neville Chamberlain used it to sign the Munich Agreement which he pledged would bring ‘peace in our time’ on September 30, 1938.

Less than a year later the world was in the grip of war which would consume over 50 million lives.

Now this valuable artefact from the monster’s lair is up for grabs.

Its owner, former GI Jack McConn from Houston, Texas, has not said what he wants for it but collectors of memorabilia believe the bidding could reach well over a quarter of a million pounds before the online auction ends on October 14.

Bearing Hitler’s initials and the Nazi eagle, McConn said of the bronze desk set: 'I was 20 years old in the summer of 1945 and we had just been through a heck of a war.
'We pitched up in Munich and My C.O. said, 'I want you to take your platoon and guard the Feuerbau, Hitler's headquarters.’

'The building on the Koenigsplatz was used by him during all Munich engagements but the desk set travelled with him. When I saw it there I knew it was his.

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