Dartmouth college Royal Marine band disbanded after 50 years

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The band was temporarily disbanded earlier this year when its musicians, all serving marines, were sent off to fight in Afghanistan.

But the Navy has announced the band will not be returning to Dartmouth, and the musicians will be relocated.

Cdre Jake Moores, of the college, said: "It is the end of an era for BRNC to say farewell to our RM band."

Earlier this year it was announced that band members would be deployed to Afghanistan as part of 3 Commando Brigade. The six-month deployment is now about to take place.

The bandsmen will take up their secondary operational role as drivers or providing medical support.

But when they return they will take up places with Royal Marine bands based across the country.

The Ministry of Defence said: "This decision has been made following extensive review and with regard to operational and cost efficiencies across the naval service."

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