Mystery of skulls solved (UK)

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WHEN Matthew McClelland decided to do a spot of gardening at his new house, little did he realise the 2,000 year old mystery which was about to unravel.

Matthew, 28, had just moved into the Chorlton terrace last summer, when he started clearing up the front garden only to find buried deep in the soil ...a skull.

A major police investigation swung into action and when forensic scientists discovered a second jawless cranium the university manager started to worry the finger of suspicion would fall on him.

But a relieved Matthew was soon off the hook when testing showed the skulls were probably Egyptian artefacts.

Analysis by an Oxford University forensic expert revealed they were 2,054 and 2,144 years old. And now the gruesome mystery of how on earth the skulls got there has finally been solved with a GP, his no-nonsense wife and their kids providing the missing pieces of the puzzle.

GP Carl Bracey who sold the house to Matthew two years before the macabre discovery was able to solve the riddle by making his own bizarre confession....he buried the skulls in the garden before he moved out because his wife had banned him from bringing them to their new home.

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