Historic sites sell reproduction antiques

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PLYMOUTH, Massachusetts: It's a handcrafted wooden chest with two rows of side by side drawers, a type found in 17th century New England.

But this beautiful piece of furniture, made from oak and pine, with decorative red and black applied moldings and wooden turned drawer pulls, is not an antique.

It's a brand new reproduction of a chest made in Plymouth colony in Massachusetts between 1660 and 1700. The artisan who made it, Peter Follansbee, works at Plimoth Plantation, a living history attraction that depicts the lives of the settlers.

"Peter's work is a real lost art, rediscovered," said Plimoth Plantation spokeswoman Jennifer Monac. "He makes about 20 pieces per year, including specialty boxes, chests, chairs, cupboards, etc. Boxes can start at $800 and go from there. Chests start at $5,000 and up."

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