CDU Demands Clarity on Germany's "Second Dictatorship"

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Looking ahead to the 20th anniversary of the uprising in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) and the fall of the Berlin Wall, the party says it is concerned with an increasing sense of nostalgia for the old communist regime.

"Twenty years after the end of the GDR, there should be no forgetting and no repressing," reads the draft of the document, which is set to be signed on Monday, Sept. 15.

The 21-page paper will be presented as a motion at the CDU's next party conference in Stuttgart at the beginning of December. It calls for the division of Germany into two states after World War II, the crimes committed by the East German regime and the revolution that culminated with the regime's downfall in 1989 to become mandatory topics covered in history lessons in German schools.

Studies have indicated an alarming lack of knowledge about events in East Germany among German pupils.

The CDU is also calling for the creation of a permanent professorship for research into the GDR at one of Berlin's universities, and additional monuments commemorating the East German population's struggle for freedom in both Berlin and Leipzig.

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