No traction for proposal to name street after Mosaddeq

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Once again, the Tehran City Council may abandon the plan to name a Tehran street after Mohammad Mosaddeq, the former prime minister who is viewed as an icon by many Iranians for his decision to nationalize the oil industry.

“The investigations carried out by the council show that Dr. Mosaddeq does not have the qualifications for being discussed in the council’s Naming Committee because his views and thoughts are not acceptable to Iranian officials,” committee director Masumeh Abad told the Persian service of CHN on Monday.

However, she said that a group of experts is still studying the matter.

According to Abad, such a proposal can be made by district councils, municipality districts, legal entities, and individuals.

The proposal to rename Tehran’s Kaaj Street after Mosaddeq was put forward by a group of reporters in early August.

A proposal to name a street near Tehran’s Kalej Crossroad Mosaddeq Street was rejected by Tehran’s first city council, which was in office from 1999 to 2003.

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