Nails around Tahluj ancient skeletons puzzle archaeologists

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The nails found around ancient skeletons at a newly discovered cemetery of Tahluj have puzzled the team of archaeologists working at the 3000-year-old site.

The cemetery dating back early Islamic era was discovered during the rescue excavation, which has begun at the site near the village of Mirar-Kola in northern Iran in late August.

The Tahluj site, home to several sites dating back from Iron Age to early Islamic era, will be completely submerged under water and mud when the Alborz Dam becomes operational. Tahluj is located in the Savadkuh region of Mazandaran Province.

The team has discovered ten skeletons, all belonging to children or youth. The bodies were buried with one nail beside their knees, one nail beside their left shoulders, and bunch of nails over and under their heads and feet, team director Mehdi Abedini told the Persian service of CHN on Monday.

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