Oldest Skeleton in Americas Found in Underwater Cave?

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Deep inside an underwater cave in Mexico, archaeologists may have discovered the oldest human skeleton ever found in the Americas.

Dubbed Eva de Naharon, or Eve of Naharon, the female skeleton has been dated at 13,600 years old. If that age is accurate, the skeleton—along with three others found in underwater caves along the Caribbean coast of the Yucatán Peninsula—could provide new clues to how the Americas were first populated.

The remains have been excavated over the past four years near the town of Tulum, about 80 miles southwest of Cancún, by a team of scientists led by Arturo González, director of the Desert Museum in Saltillo, Mexico (see map of Mexico).

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Donald Wolberg - 9/10/2008

13.6 is aboout the end of the Ice Age and raises the obvious questions: if there are 13.6 skeletal remains in Mexico, what is the origin of those folks and when?