British spy in longbow plot to kill Heinrich Himmler

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A British spy who was a cross between James Bond and Robin Hood plotted to use a longbow to assassinate one of the most notorious Nazis, according to a new book.

Tommy Sneum lay in ambush in occupied Copenhagen armed with a bow and arrows to kill Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS. He planned to strike from a penthouse that belonged to a Danish film starlet he had seduced. Sneum chose a longbow because he did not want the sound of a bullet to be traced back to her flat.

The exploits of Sneum are told in a book published this week by Mark Ryan, who interviewed Sneum at length before the former spy died last year aged 89.

“He was a real-life 007, getting through a tremendous number of women and doing all kinds of spectacular stunts to evade the Nazis,” said Ryan, the author of The Hornet’s Sting, published by Piatkus. “When he was holed up in Copenhagen he was sleeping with both the mother and daughter of the house, without either knowing.”

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Randll Reese Besch - 9/10/2008

Just what the doctor ordered! A fresh infusion of sex, athletic prowess, danger and smooth violent moves in a time of almost universal war! Maybe they could have him come up against his counterpart i.e. Otto Skorzeny, quiet a person himself, of Germany as a semi-fictional foil eh?