Elvis Presley's gun permit application for sale

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Elvis Presley fans have been given the rare opportunity to buy the only authenticated set of his fingerprints in existence, as long as they have £75,000 to spare.

The black ink prints are on a gun permit application for the state of California, completed by the singer in 1970.

The form, signed Elvis A Presley, requests permission to carry a Colt 38 revolver and a Beretta 7.6 automatic.

It contains confirmation of his sex, hair and eye colour, height, weight and date of birth and a full set of fingerprints from both hands.

Such documentation was required in every state Mr Presley visited, because he always insisted on being armed.

It is a particularly rare piece of memorabilia because gun license forms are normally destroyed after the applicant's death, in Mr Presley's case in 1977. It also has what are believed to be the only full set of authentic prints from Mr Presley.

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