Family, admirers lay wreath at LBJ's grave site

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STONEWALL — Under blue skies, members of the Lyndon B. Johnson family and roughly 1,000 well-wishers gathered around the former president's grave and laid a wreath to mark the 100th anniversary of Johnson's birth.

"From the beginning, Lyndon Baines Johnson was big," said his daughter Lucy Baines Johnson, who said his weight at birth was estimated to be about 10 pounds.

She continued: "The fact is whether you knew him or not, we are all Lyndon Baines Johnson's immediate family because we were all important to him."

Lucy Baines Johnson drew a connection between her father's legacy and the events playing out at the Democratic National Convention this week in Denver, with Barack Obama being nominated as the party's presidential candidate.

"Much will be made, as it should be, that he is fulfilling Martin Luther King's dream. But he is also fulfilling Lyndon Baines Johnson's dream, a dream of opportunity in a great society."

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