Protest by historian at Upper Sioux Agency State Park ends in her arrest

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UPPER SIOUX AGENCY STATE PARK - A mother and daughter were taken into custody when they protested a historical re-enactment at the Upper Sioux Agency State Park on Saturday.

Dr. Angela Wilson of Granite Falls, who has a doctorate in Dakota history and studies and goes by her Dakota name Waziyata Win, and her daughter, Autumn Wilson who also goes by her Dakota name Winuna, were part of a counter event to protest the historical re-enactment of life at the Upper Sioux Agency in 1858. They were taken into custody by law enforcement officers after they used a microphone and speaker to voice their objections to the re-enactment.

Both had been previously told that using the address system would disrupt the re-enactment activities and that they would be subject to arrest, according to law enforcement officers at the scene.

The mother and daughter were taken to the Yellow Medicine County Jail in Granite Falls. Winuna was released to the custody of her father Scott Wilson immediately after, he reported at the site. Waziyata Win was subsequently released as well, according to information posted on the Internet by her father, Chris Mato Nunpa.

The Upper Sioux Agency State Park hosted a re-enactment of life at the agency in 1858 as part of the sesquicentennial observances taking part at many state parks this year, according to Courtland Nelson, director of state parks, who was present at the event. The event included local volunteers who re-enacted the role of whites living at the agency....

A group of Dakota men and women maintained what they called a counter event at the park to "tell the truth" about what life was like in 1858, according to Mato Nunpa. He said it was not accurate to describe relations as friendly between the two cultures at the time. If the relationship was one of friendship, he asked rhetorically: "Why did we declare war on them?"

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