Attack on women's studies at Columbia U.

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A self-proclaimed men’s rights lawyer on Monday filed a lawsuit in federal court charging that Columbia University is engaged in illegal discrimination against men by maintaining women’s studies programs, and that these programs amount to a religion that should disqualify Columbia from receiving certain state and federal funds. The lawyer, Roy Den Hollander, is currently engaged in a series of suits against what he perceives as anti-male bias. For example, he is challenging the legality of “ladies’ night” specials at nightclubs. In an interview Monday, he acknowledged that Columbia’s women’s studies programs are open to male students and faculty members, but said that the lack of an equivalent men’s studies program illustrated bias. In addition, he said that those who disagree with feminist teaching are mistreated in courses. “The professor will hide under the table and the feminists in the class will go after you for saying anything anti-feminist,” he said. Den Hollander earned an M.B.A. at Columbia in 1997, but acknowledged never having taken a women’s studies course then, or sitting in on courses now. He said he prepared his lawsuit based on Web sites of courses and programs. Columbia officials could not be reached for comment.

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