Soldier's account of Japanese World War Two massacre to be auctioned

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Private Arthur Haines was in a Singapore military hospital with malaria when invading Japanese troops stormed the building and killed more than 200 people.

Although his life was spared, the soldier witnessed the gruesome killings of his comrades, doctors and nurses who were either bayoneted, shot or suffocated to death.

After being taken prisoner, Pte Haines, 24, managed to jot down the bloody episode on a four page letter.

In it he wrote of the moment a private waved the white flag to Japanese troops only to be fatally bayoneted.

Others who desperately pointed to the red cross to the marauding enemy were also dispatched in similar fashion while one captain played dead in order to survive.

And the soldier wrote of hearing the piercing screams of a group of his captured colleagues who were taken into a courtyard and systematically killed.

The document, along with Pte Haines' other wartime mementoes such as his medals and photographs, were handed down to his daughter who has now sold them at auction.

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