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Archaeologists have unearthed what is thought to be Shakespeare’s first playhouse and one of the earliest in London. Museum of London Archaeology made the discovery in Shoreditch during the construction of a new theatre by the Tower Theatre Company. One of London’s first playhouses, The Theatre was established in the area by James Burbage in 1576 but the exact location has never been found. William Shakespeare’s first plays were enacted here and he also performed there with The Lord Chamberlain’s Men. In 1599, a tenancy dispute meant the open-air playhouse was relocated south of the River Thames and reconstructed as The Globe. The archaeologists are confident they have located the north-eastern corner of the lost Theatre, which seems to be a polygonal structure. Senior Archaeologist Jo Lyon said: ‘It's extremely exciting to be so close to the known location of The Theatre and then find remains that look to be associated with it.’

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