Ex-Luftwaffe Pilot Crashes Near City He Once Bombed

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Luftwaffe veteran Willi Schludecker, 88, flew scores of missions over the UK during the 'Baedeker Blitz' of 1942.
Earlier this year the remorseful pilot visited Bath for a memorial service to apologise for his role in bombings of the town which killed 400 people.

Last Friday he returned to Bath after promising event organiser Chris Kilminster, 61, a flight in one of his planes.

But just moments after taking off from a private airstrip near Marshfield, Glos, the small four-man plane lost engine power and plummeted towards the ground.

Mr Schludecker was forced to make an emergency crash landing in a field just eight miles north of the Georgian city he once bombed.

No-one was hurt in the accident but thieves later ransacked the stricken plan, stealing £30,000 worth of equipment including an expensive GPS system.

It was the first time that Mr Kilminster – who lost several members of his family during the city's raids – had been up in a plane...

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