Iran launches world manuscripts data bank

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Iran launched its first world manuscripts data bank during a ceremony held on Monday at the venue of Iran National Library and Archives (INLA).

Yerik Utembayev, Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Iran, INLA director Ali-Akbar Ash’ari, director of Miras-e Maktub Research Center Akbar Irani and several numbers of Iranian experts on manuscripts attended the ceremony.

Ambassador Utembayev, who had attended the ceremony as one of the representatives of ECO member countries, gave the opening address and called the establishment of the data bank a significant event.

He went on to say, “Iran and Kazakhstan enjoy bilateral cultural relations. The visit President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev paid last year to the Iran National Library and Archives indicates that we pay close attention to books and the national archives, and also to cultural relations with Iran. “

He continued that the ECO region possesses rare and invaluable manuscripts and that more research work is required to cover the entire region, adding, “The data bank can be of great help in this area.”

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