Lost letter makes it way back home 60 years later

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A letter detailing the mood after Harry S. Truman was elected U.S. president — lost in the postal system for nearly 60 years — recently turned up in the mailbox of a Kansas woman.

Xan Wedel found the letter, postmarked Nov. 11, 1948, in her mailbox Friday, the Lawrence Journal-World reported. The envelope was stamped with"Return to sender" and"Found in supposedly empty mailbox," the newspaper said.

The letter was addressed to a Ruth Willisten in Rockfall, Connecticut, but it never reached its destination. It was sent by Gertrude Gilmore, who lived at Wedel's house in 1948.

The letter states,"All Lawrence is in mourning since the election," in which Truman, a Democrat, beat Republican Thomas E. Dewey for the presidency. The election would have taken place just days before the letter was postmarked.

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