Land Dispute Moves Memorial for 9/11 Victims Across a Pennsylvania Road

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SHANKSVILLE, Pa. — It is on just a quarter-acre of land, which everyone agrees is too small, and it has always been called the “temporary” memorial.

But for nearly seven years, this informal site, overlooking the meadow where United Flight 93 crashed on Sept. 11, 2001, has been a place of reflection. Nearly a million people have visited it. They gather on benches made by schoolchildren and study the handmade memorials and smaller tributes left on a 10-foot-tall fence put up for just that purpose.

Now, because of a dispute over the land, pitting the current owner against the National Park Service and a group of families of the victims of Flight 93, the temporary memorial is being moved.

Its new home will be just across the road, on about an acre of land that is part of some 900 acres that the group, Families of Flight 93, bought this year.

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