At site of massacre, Serbian leader's capture brings little solac

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SREBRENICA, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Fadila Efendik had little time to rejoice this week over the capture of Radovan Karadzic, the man she blames for the death of her only son: She was too busy looking for his missing and scattered body parts.

The arrest Monday of Karadzic, the wartime leader of the Bosnian Serbs accused of masterminding the worst massacre in Europe since World War II, brought her cold comfort, Efendik said.

She nervously played with her head scarf and sobbed as she scanned the endless rows of white gravestones in the area where Serbian paramilitary forces under the command of Karadzic separated the men and boys who would later be killed in a frenzy that claimed 8,000 lives.

"I am bitter because it took so long to find Karadzic," she said. "My son was two weeks shy of his 20th birthday. I still can't find his body. I found some of my husband's bones, but not enough to bury him whole. Karadzic may have been found, but now I am alone in the world."

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