When it rained diamonds: Scientists say jewels and metals found in Ohio tell of a world-changing explosion

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The theory is as wild as it is controversial: that a comet, which left no crater, exploded over Canada almost 13,000 years ago, wiped out the woolly mammoth and other land giants and nearly decimated the first known human culture in North America.
"I thought that was a bunch of nonsense," said Kenneth Tankersley, a University of Cincinnati anthropologist.

But by the end of June, Tankersley was a convert.

Now he says that he not only believes the scientists who came up with the theory, but "I've come up with their best evidence."

That evidence, he said, includes diamonds, gold, silver and copper and comet debris that his team found in Ohio in May and June and matched with the materials found in Canada.

The theory, including that the diamonds and metals rained from the skies, still is controversial and is attracting a lot of attention. One documentary on the subject has aired on the National Geographic Channel, and at least two others are in the works.

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