A Green New Deal?

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We have just 100 months to act to prevent dangerous climate change, says Andrew Simms. In this week's Green Room, he outlines plans for a"Green New Deal" that could sort out the pressing problems we have with climate, energy and the financial system.

"Too important to fail" is the message heard repeatedly from governments stepping in and spending billions to prop up failing financial markets.

But all the time, another system - an atmosphere convivial to human civilisation, that really is too important to fail - is being wrecked by political complacency and unrealistic economics.

Now, a unique new group of specialists in finance, energy and the environment are arguing for a Green New Deal that will deliver a comprehensive solution to the triple crunches of the credit crisis, high energy prices and climate change.

But time is short, very short.

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Vernon Clayson - 7/24/2008

Atmosphere convivial to human civilization? In three quarters of a century that is the most stupid comment I've ever heard. Humankind lives, has lived and will continue to live in whatever conditions they find themselves. Global warming will seem a piece of cake for desert dwellers, they've subsisted on what little there is in the desert for unknown thousands of years, Eskimos have adapted to barren ice fields and mountain dwellers in the Andes have subsisted for thousands of years on what there is there, your 100 months will pass unnoticed for them. There will be hard times and your scholarly appraisal will mean nothing, all of their days are a struggle. You looking out from your cushy flat in London may see dreary days but they don't translate to doom, your great-grandfather saw the same weather and your great-grandchildren will see the same. 100 months, my eye, what are you, a front man for Al Gore and his BS?