China: Dinosaur professor to lure tourists with fossils

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A mild-mannered Chinese professor is being hailed as the world's greatest palaeontologist for his part in the discovery of 30 new species of dinosaurs over the past 15 years.

Prof Xu inspects a feathered, four-winged dinosaur fossil
Now China hopes Xu Xing's work will help attract a new kind of tourist to China - one for whom a fossilised raptor holds more appeal than the country's millennia of history and culture.

He specialises in the winged and feathered dinosaurs that were the ancestors of today's birds, and his discoveries include creatures such as the "Gigantoraptor", a one-and-half ton beast that is the largest bird-like dinosaur found so far, the four-winged "Microraptor" and the buck-toothed and tiny "Incisivosaurus", one of his favourite dinosaurs, which had rodent-like teeth.

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