Relics of three civilisations found

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The remains of more than 2,400-year-old Buddhist era are nurturing silently under the lap of Margalla Hills as the murals of Buddha appeared on the walls of caves at Shah Allah Ditta.

At the distance of 15 kilometres from the main Golra intersection, the site needs immediate attention of the Department of Archaeology and Museums as it possesses not only the relics of Buddhist era but also 8th century AD Hindu period and the 300-year-old Aurangzeb period.

According to archaeologists, the cages belong to Buddhists where monks used to perform their religious rites in isolation and the emergence of murals on the wall support this view.

"The murals were not visible previously but with the passage of time the layers of smoke and dust over the walls washed out and the original came out," said Ansar Ahmed, an archaeologist.

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