From Greek mythology, Obama learned a lesson

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To understand how Barack Obama won the
presidential primary, you have to look at what he
learned when he lost.

Obama defeated Hillary Rodham Clinton solidly in the
Iowa caucuses in January, but five days later she beat
him, painfully and unexpectedly, in New Hampshire.
That loss showed him that toppling the royal family of
Democratic politics would not come easily.

"I think this was meant to be," Obama said privately
the next day, recalls adviser David Axelrod. "I think
we were flying too close to the sun, like Icarus. When
you're fighting for change, it's not supposed to be

In Greek mythology, Icarus' father gives him wax wings
that empower him to fly, but warns of the danger in
soaring too high. Obama got similar warnings. When he
arrived in Washington, Senate dean Robert Byrd
cautioned him not to be in too much of a rush to leave
for the White House.

But like Icarus, Obama wouldn't heed his elder's
advice. Icarus would crash into the sea. Obama would
learn from his own crash in New Hampshire and make

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