A possible pre-historic 'temple' found on planned motorway in Ireland

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ENVIRONMENT Minister Dick Roche knew a month ago that the site of a possible pre-historic 'temple' had been unearthed on the route of the controversial M3 motorway.
The National Roads Authority alerted his department early last month that a pagan site - the size of three football pitches - dating from 3,500 BC had been discovered at Lismullen, Co Meath. It had not shown up in initial surveys.

Experts believe that the find could be one of the most significant archaeological discoveries ever unearthed here, and might be the site of a structure similar to Stonehenge but made with wood.

Yesterday the Tarawatch campaign alleged that Mr Roche had issued draft directions to preserve the site 'by record' - in effect, noting where the site was before destroying it to allow roadworks to begin.

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