Was Moses on Drugs?

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Professor Benny Shanon of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem has written a paper arguing that Moses, the Jewish prophet, was on drugs. Shanon argues that Moses was on Ayahuasca, a mixture of the Acacia tree and harmal plant in conjunction. He argues this based on some very easily obtainable facts. In South America, shamans take a mixture of chemicals as Ayahuasca, a different mix than available in the Middle East, to generate mystical experience. The writer, Professor Shanon, a professor of psychiatry, himself has experienced the kind of highs that are obtainable from this particular drug and in conjunction with other anecdotal evidence, he suggests that lots of the experiences of this type of drug convince those who take it that they are speaking to God or to approaching death. This particular drug creates an impression which is incredibly impressive for the taker but the point is that Shanon doesn't produce any evidence within literature or from studies for this, just the evidence of anecdotal impression.

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