Worker Battles Employer Over Confederate Flag (FL)

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One man's pride in and loyalty to his Confederate flag has landed him in a free-speech fight with his employer, who doesn't want it displayed on company property.
The flag is attached to Bobby Tillett's pickup truck, which he drives to work every day. Because his employer has banned the flag from his parking lot, Tillett is forced to park far from his job.

"If I take it down, that means you know the politically correct people would have won, and that's wrong," Bobby Tillett said. "If you believe in something that strong (you) should have no problem whatsoever to fly it."

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Randll Reese Besch - 5/9/2008

The CSA flag represents those who wish to disestablish the union. Why can his boss tell him what he can have on his truck? Just as any who would want to have a pro-drug sticker or anything else. After all it isn't the boss's business is it? It must be free for all, not free for some ,or it doesn't work.