Author: Soviet Politbureau Members, Gorbachev included, signed an “informal death Sentence" on John Paul II

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Warsaw, Poland: New, sensational documents concerning the attempt against the late pope, John Paul II, have been revealed in a new book by John O. Kohler, an American journalist and writer. The book, entitled ”It’s About the Pope. Spies in the Vatican”, will be released in Poland on Monday, April 28, 2008 by ZNAK Publishing House, known for its publications about the late pope.

The author unearthed a Kremlin document, which listed Soviet Politbureau members, who had signed an “informal death sentence” on the Polish pope. “Use all available possibilities to prevent a new political trend, initiated by the Polish pope, and
“if necessary - reach to means beyond disinformation and discreditation.” This instruction was given to their subordinates in the KGB by members of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party in November of 1979.

"I was shocked, when I found this order. The means “beyond disinformation and discreditation” meant only one thing: an approval to kill the pope”, John O. Kohler told leading Polish weekly “Wprost” (read: vprost) this week, prior to the official launching of his book in Poland.

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