Activist: Gettysburg Battlefield visitor center lacks disabled access

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Disabilities-rights activist Marilynn Phillips is prepared to file a complaint with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission regarding the newly opened Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center - which she alleges does not "reasonably" accommodate disabled patrons.

Phillips' main gripes are with the center's 500-foot sloped sidewalk from the parking lot to the entrance, the low number of handicap parking spaces, a lack of automatic and power-assist doors and the absence of Braille signage for blind persons and audio tapes for the hearing-disabled.

Phillips - who visited the center Thursday to assess its accessibility - said in an e-mail that the center may technically be "in compliance" with the Americans with Disabilities Act in some, if not all, of those cases.

But, Phillips said, she still plans to file a complaint alleging a lack of "common sense" in the design of the building.

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