8 historians (more or less) among the "Top 100 Public Intellectuals"

Historians in the News

They are some of the world’s most introspective philosophers and rabble-rousing clerics. A few write searing works of fiction and uncover the mysteries of the human mind. Others are at the forefront of modern finance, politics, and human rights. In the second Foreign Policy/Prospect list of top public intellectuals, we reveal the thinkers who are shaping the tenor of our time.

[HNN Editor: Among the 100 were these 8 people, each of whom was identified as a historian, though some are more familiar in their role as journalists and one is a sociologist.]

Anne Applebaum
Drew Gilpin Faust
Tony Judt
Niall Ferguson
Enrique Krauze
Ramachandra Guha
Bernard Lewis
Jared Diamond

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