Man regains sight lost in the blitz

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A man who lost his sight in the Blitz has had a successful operation to restore his vision. 87-year-old John Gray was blinded in his right eye during a Luftwaffe raid on Clydeside in March 1941. A firewatcher during air raids, he was the only survivor of a direct hit on the building he was in. He stated: ‘We just heard some glass shattering and that was the last thing I heard until I came too in the Victoria Infirmary with my leg stretched out in plaster and a big bandage on my head.’ Over six decades later, surgeons at Glasgow's Southern General operated on the damaged lens after Macular Degeneration in his left eye meant he would go completely blind. Three months after recovering from the operation, Mr Gray said: ‘I couldn't be more pleased. I've got vision and I can read to a certain extent.’

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