Bush is depicted as foul-mouthed frat boy in new Oliver Stone movie

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Oliver Stone's new film,W, portrays George Bush as a foul-mouthed, dried-out drunk with a baseball obsession and a difficult relationship with his father.

Filming is expected to begin any day in Louisiana. The movie should be in cinemas before Mr Bush leaves office next January.

Stone says the film won't be an anti-Bush polemic. Rather, as he told Daily Variety, it will be "a fair, true portrait of the man that asks the question: how did Bush go from being an alcoholic bum to the most powerful figure in the world?"

An early script describes Mr Bush as a party animal living in the shadow of his esteemed father before he uses religion to turn his life around. He finds a new purpose in life – which is to achieve the presidency ahead of his brother Jeb, who was being groomed for high office by his father.

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