Confederate Plates Bill Going No Where (FL)

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There are more than 100 specialty license plates in Florida, and now they want another. However, this one may be controversial.

Representative Don Brown of DuFuniak Springs proposed a bill that creates a license plate displaying the Confederate Heritage Flag.

The bill has no co-sponsors and is considered “dead” because no committees have taken the bill up for debate.

Representative Brown admitted he thought it would stir controversy.

“It is not about racism, it’s not about slavery, it is about an acknowledgement that many of these people’s families have documented that they had friends and family or family who lost their lives fighting for a cause they believed in,” said Brown.

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Patrick Murray - 4/14/2008

The Confederate States Constitution
Article IV
Section 3
[speaking to new states or territories] In all such territory the institution of negro slavery, as it now exists in the Confederate states, shall be recognized and protected by Congress & by the Territorial government, & the inhabitants of the several Confederate States & Territories shall have the right to take to such territory any slaves lawfully held by them in any of the States or Territories of the Confederate States.

To me that says that no Confederate state or territory could outlaw slavery. So much for states rights. When are white Southern legislators going to understate what the Confederate States of America was about if not race slavery! Is that what America wants on license plates in the 21st Century?!