Unique Tribute to War Photojournalists at Newseum

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Nearly four decades after their deaths, four combat photographers received a museum burial Thursday as family, friends and former colleagues recalled how the men gave their lives to show the world "Vietnam as they saw it."

A UH-1 Huey helicopter carrying the four photographers was shot down over a steep mountainside in southern Laos on Feb. 10, 1971. Human remains were recovered years later, in 1998, along with camera parts, film, broken watches and bits of wreckage.

The remains have been interred at the foot of the Newseum's soaring glass memorial dedicated to fallen journalists. A small silver plaque was inscribed with the names of the four: Larry Burrows, 44, of Life magazine; Henri Huet, 43, of The Associated Press; Kent Potter, 23, of United Press International, and Keisaburo Shimamoto, 34, a freelancer working for Newsweek.

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