Using GPS historians find exact location of Revolutionary War battle (North Carolina)

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The first breaths of a Revolutionary War turning point were breathed in Alamance County, claim local historians who say they've pinpointed the exact location of the Battle of Clapp's Mill.

At a tour of local battle sites Saturday, Jeff Bright and Stewart Dunaway unveiled their estimation of events at Clapp's Mill which led to the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. Using GPS technology and topographical map overlays, Bright and Dunaway located the spot, just off the banks of Beaver Creek, now submerged in Lake Mackintosh, where the battle's namesake mill operated.

"I'm not a historian. I'm a sociologist by trade but I'm proud of my history and Alamance County and I want this land to be preserved," Bright said, leading a tour just beyond Lake Mackintosh Park and Marina and a stone's throw from the Guilford County Line. "I had friends growing up who played here. We found all kinds of things around this site: horseshoes, musket balls and a button with ‘London 1765' on it."

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