Supporter of Holocaust Denier Named by Swiss Government to Position of "Expert" on UN Human Rights Council

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According to theJTA, Jean Ziegler, a man who praised a Holocaust denier as one of the"leading thinkers of our times" has been appointed by the Swiss government as an"expert" to, get this, the U.N. Human Rights Council.

Not only has Ziegler praised the denier, Roger Gaurady [aka Garaudy] but he has asserted, according to the JTA that"his critics are puppets of his Western opponents ."

U.N. Watch has protested to the Swiss government which made the appointment. The Swiss have brushed off these and other critics.

This is really an outrage... Though UN critics are probably shrugging their shoulders and saying:"So what else is new?"

Actually, there is something else. Also appointed to the position of an expert was Richard Falk, emeritus professor at Princeton, who, according to the JTA, has compared Israel's treatment of the Palestinians to Nazis.

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