Defense Ministry hopes teens will learn history through repairing monuments

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In an effort to connect high school students with Israeli history, the Defense Ministry plans to inaugurate a new project on Monday aimed at renovating all of the IDF memorials and monuments erected over the years for soldiers who fell during the 1948 War of Independence.

According to Defense Ministry records, 140 monuments throughout the country commemorate soldiers and units who fought in the 1948 war. At least 60 are in dire need of renovations. The project, which is being overseen by the Defense Ministry's Families and Memorial Department, is being funded in conjunction with the finance and interior ministries.

Hundreds of high school students from across the country are expected to participate in the project. They will be provided with tools to clean the monuments as well as written material on their histories. The Defense Ministry has also published a book containing pictures and descriptions of all the 1948 memorials.

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