Congressman compares Google. Likens China censorship to IBM's assistance to Nazis

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Congressman Chris Smith (R-N.J.) likened Google, Yahoo and other Internet companies to the IBM's cooperation with Hitler's Nazi government to help carry out the Holocaust, according to a report in Information Week.
"Did you ever wonder why the Gestapo always had all those very well-laid-out prints of where the Jews lived?" reporter Paul McDougall quoted Smith as saying. "Because IBM made it happen."

Smith's comments about IBM helping to enable the Holocaust referred to investigative author Edwin Black's 2001 book "IBM And The Holocaust," which extensively documents IBM's role in enabling the Nazis to efficiently exterminate over 7 million people, including about 6 million Jews using IBM's technology. IBM has never denied its 12 year highly profitable relationship with Nazi Germany in which it used its information technology--punch cards--to help plan the Third Reich's war against the Jews. This including such campaigns as the census and other identification programs, asset seizures, extermination by labor which matched job skills to useful slave labor details, and the train schedules and factories serving Auschwitz.

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