UK City remembers the secret blitz

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HULL will today remember its war dead as residents join VIPs to pay tribute to those whose suffering was kept secret from the rest of Britain as their city was reduced to rubble.

The site of one of the last bombs to be dropped on Hull during the Second World War will be the focal point for a commemorative service to remember the hundreds of civilians killed in the 1941 Blitz.

During the fighting, the strategic importance of Hull's docks meant it suffered devastating air raids from Germany's Luftwaffe – leading to the heaviest bombardment of any city outside London.

At the height of the raids German bombers flew 22 missions between February and May 1941. Later in the war the city was targeted by V1 flying bombs.

In spite of the huge price in human life, the destruction of the city's landscape, and damage to 95 per cent of the city's houses, the devastation was an official secret.

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