Hillary Clinton: I was 'instrumental' in Northern Ireland peace process

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Hillary Clinton, accused last week by a Nobel Peace Prize winner of exaggerating her claims of having "helped" bring peace to Northern Ireland, has raised the stakes by stating she was "instrumental" in doing so.

The former First Lady laughed and dismissed criticisms she had inflated her foreign policy experience in Northern Ireland and Bosnia as "nitpicking" on Thursday.

When asked by National Public Radio whether she had been in the "centre of the room" during Northern Ireland peace talks, she said: "What I was was part of a team and that team included obviously the principal negotiators under the direct authority of my husband.

"I wasn't sitting at the negotiating table but the role I played was instrumental. I guess it was in December when Ian Paisley [Democratic Unionist Party leader] and Martin McGuinness [Sinn Fein leader] came to the United States.

"I think they met with the leadership of Congress, with the President and with me and they thanked me publicly for the role I had played."

But Mrs Clinton's version of events has been challenged by Peter King, an Ulster Unionist Party negotiator at the Good Friday talks in 1998, who said: "Hillary Clinton was totally invisible at the actual negotiations.

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